EK Verbal Strategy

Okay guys, just some musings about the EK verbal strategy. It really works for me, they emphasize on doing all passages in order regardless of what you think (difficulty wise). I have done this and lo and behold on those passages that I think, OMG there is no way I got any of those questions right, I got them all right! So, moral of the story is, that if you do not do all the passages in order, and instead sift through them trying to find those that appeal to you, you may be doing yourself and your MCAT score a disservice. Sometimes those passages that are harder the questions may be easier to answer and those passages that are so easy to read have the most difficult questions. Of course this system works for me and each one of us has to find the system that works, but if you have not tried EK I highly encourage you to do so. They also are huge advocates of not marking the passage, read for enjoyment like a friend is reading to you, but also read with arrogance like you are some Ivy league professor grading a frosh paper, and you have to extract the main idea. Once you have that main idea (of course some passages you are like blink.gif ) the answers mostly can be answered from that main idea.

I tried that method and the first time I took the beast I got a beginning passage that totally wierded out my day. I was flustered to say the least.
Last time I took it, I went for the PR viewpoint and scored a nice 9 for myself.
It really depends on what you are comfortable with frankly. There is no one size fits all technique to this thing.
if it works for you AND you are feeling it…let it rip.