EK vs. TPR: My Thoughts

Hello fellow MCAT folks, I just wrote a review of EK vs. TPR on my blog, and thought I would share the link here for anyone thinking of using either series (especially if you’re debating between the two).

If anyone has any thoughts, feel free to comment! Thanks.

Battle of the (MCAT) Books

Your blog on EK vs TPR was very helpful to me. Thank you!

Good article. After reading, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the TPR practice exams. I’ve done two of these so far, and my scores have been consistently lower on the TPR exams compared to the AAMC exams.


I read your blog. Thanks for breaking it down. Oh, and congrats on taking the MCAT.

My MCAT date is 9/7/2013 so my options are limited.

I have some general observations and then some questions.

Observations: materials

  1. TPR best materials, a little hard.

  2. Examcrackers easiest to understand, but perhaps easier than actual AAMC questions.

  3. Kaplan just ok.

  4. TBR - too hard

    Observations: prep course

  5. TPR - great if it’s available.

  6. Kaplan - most online resources available, but quality of instructors varies.

  7. Examcrackers - better test taking strategy, but not always available when needed.


  8. Is a prep course worth it?

    My personal opinion is it depends. Of course I’d love to take an onsite one, but none is available for when I’m scheduled to take the exam. Only Kaplan anywhere is available and I’m not sure how good it is or if it’s worth it.

  9. Self-study? TPR and ExamCrackers?

    Is too much study material overkill? Should I start with one over the other?

    I’m pretty much only days from final decision, so anyone out there please share your thoughts.

    Thank you.