Elizabeth Smart found alive

For those of you who are aware of this case, Elizabeth Smart was found alive today. This is the girl that was kidnapped by gunpoint more than 9 months ago.
It’s nice to see a happy ending to these situations that so often end tragically. smile.gif

Can you believe it?!!! How wonderful!!!
I was in Booksamillion yesterday when I first heard the news. I crowded around the TV with a bunch of other people and couldn’t stop crying.
I’m so happy for the Smart family!
I have a link to the CNN story below but you have to really have been out of circulation if you haven’t heard it. It’s just a wonderful thing to happen.
When she was taken, I had an alarm system installed and keep it on every night. My daughter already has burglar bars on one of her windows but one opens up to the front porch. My two little boys have a door in their bedroom that opens up to the back yard. We have a dog but I still couldn’t sleep at night with all the kids disappearing last year.
Yes, I panicked but I think I truly had reason. Even close to home in the next towns we had approximately 5 attempts to grab young girls either on their way home from school or in their homes. I’m not taking any chances!!
I can’t even imagine what the Smarts went through and I don’t even want to imagine. But I am rejoicing with them today!!!
Thank you God!