I just got my second o-chem II test back, and I did HORRIBLE. I did OK on the first: 20/25 with the class average 15/25, and there will be a curve.

This time, I got 8/25!!! The class average was 13/25. So this puts me right about at a C, even with the curve.

We have two more tests: one Monday, 25 pts, and the final 40 pts. According to my calculations, If I got PERFECT SCORES on both (highly unlikely, I study upwards of 6 hrs a day and this is how I am doing) I would have about an 80% which would probably curve to a 90-92%. Risky. Plus I got a B+ in o-chem I after getting a C the first time around.

My other grades are strong: 3.5-3.6 ish total SGPA.

I have two W’s from way way back in my “real” undergrad years (about 6-8 yrs ago.) If I withdraw, it will be a third W.

What is the lesser of the two evils… a potentially bad grade, or a W?


First advice: take a deep breath. This too shall pass.

The general advice I’ve seen here is that a W is better than a C, if I’m remembering it right. You’re not the only one to go through this challenge; it’s definitely been brought up on these boards before.

Do you have the opportunity to speak with the professor? This could be a good chance to find out what you may be able to improve, skills wise as well as grades wise. It may also be a chance to feel out what your prospects are for the remainder of the semester.

You mention OChem I. Was your C from your initial undergrad, or this time? Was the B+ this time? Have you attmepted OChem II before?

I took O-chem I and got a C as a post-bacc. Re-took and got a B+. Registered for OChem II but pulled out the first week because of work schedule (I’m a nurse and will have been for 4 years when I apply… hopefully this shows that despite my W’s, I am responsible?!) So the time I pulled out of Ochem II will not show up at all.

This time it’s mostly a work schedule thing, too…should have had as much foresight as I did last time, ugh!

Is this a shortened summer class? If you re-take will it be in the fall or spring with the full time allotted? Another thing to consider is how well do you think you are mastering the material? The MCAT is going to have some of those same questions on it. If it were me, I would re-take it, especially since the first withdrawal does not show. Whether you withdraw and re-take or finish with a C and re-take is a tough but separate decision.

O-Chem II is the worst class I have ever taken… I got a C - my one and only - and I’m not retaking it. The ACS exam was extremely difficult. The most important thing to do is talk to your professor. Good luck!