Emotional Moment...

I went apartment hunting in my school’s town this weekend. Every time I’d see a new place, I would take the time to drive from that property to my campus…to estimate how long it would take me to get there, of course.

So I passed the med school buildings and the main hospital several times. Yesterday morning, as I was preparing to leave town, I found myself in the main parking lot, sitting in my car, just kind of looking around…and it hit me. This is the place where I will learn to sustain and even save life. This is the hospital where I will likely assist with my first chest tube… deliver my first baby…set my first bone…experience my first loss of a patient. This is the place where I will learn all the knowledge and skills necessary for the ‘powers that be’ to call me an MD… a physician…

Yes, residency will actually make me into a doctor. But this place… these next four years… this is where it all begins.

I hadn’t been back there since my interview last October, and it blew me away. What an honor. What a humbling thing–to know that I am being trusted with admission to this program. This is what we’re working for, friends. This is the dream we are chasing.

I. Am. Undone.

This is happening…

Tears and smiles at your post…deep breath…what an amazing journey!!!

Reading your post with a little bit of envy! Congrats on what you’ve accomplished!!! You are an inspiration and you motivate me to never give up. That is why I love this forum, people you have never met inspire you to dream!!!

Paul-34 y/o, married and father of 1 11yr old boy.

2 yr pre-med

University of Alabama @ Birmingham

You deserve all your happiness, Carrie! It’s hard earned. I’m so happy for you. I can feel your excitement as I share it, too. I am a year behind you, but when I went for my appt. last week with an admissions director at a med school of my interest I had similar feelings indeed! The hairs on the back of my neck still stand up anytime I’m near a medical complex. That’s a good sign! Shows the passion is still alive and well. Your deep feelings and awe are the mark of a passionate physician to be.

I had the genesis of those feelings when my wife and I went to an open house. It was crazy to think that one day I would be sitting in that parking lot because I was about to start class and there you are! Congrats! Enjoy your time and don’t forget about us…LOL! Who am I kidding! I’m out once I’m accepted like everyone else.