Greetings everyone,

Just joined OPM today. Thought I’d introduce myself before posting willy-nilly.

I have an OUS BS and an MS from Case in Cleveland. After working for 8 years as an engineer and much soul-searching I finally decided it was time to take the plunge.

I am rushing things a bit since I want to be able to get in as soon as possible - I’m 34. I have taken Bio1 and 2, and Chem1. Should be done with Physics1 this Friday. Next semester is a killer with Chem2, O.Chem 1, and Physics2. Besides I plan on enrolling in a Kaplan course too for my planned MCAT in April/May.

In summary I will be lurking here more than posting.

Sorry just had to vent a bit. Seems like when you’re an OPM you’re left to your own devices and have to find your own ventholes :lol:.

Take care y’all.

PS Feel free to post your thoughts/opinions.

Hi Dazed

welcome to oldpremeds and glad you posted your plans. The keyword I noticed is “rushing”–most people feel an urgent need to finish the prerequisites and apply so that they can get on to the good stuff. But it’s usually best to proceed methodically and realistically and avoid moving too fast. You have plenty of time ahead of you. I notice that you’re doing Chem 2 simultaneously with Organic 1. Normally one is expected to finish Chem 2 before starting orgo, so you should be careful that you’re not getting ahead of yourself. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve already had chemistry? At any rate, best of luck and keep us posted!


Thanks for the heads up. Yes I am taking Chem2 with Ochem1 but I have planned for it.

how do i start a new thread?

Hi African, just punch the button at the top that says “Add Topic”.