Encouragement please

Well, I just finished my fourth full length and it was my lowest score yet. Worse yet is that it was AMCAS 3R which is supposed to be “easy” compared to the new MCAT.
I took Kaplan full length 1 and got a 28 and was very pleased, then the following week, I took Kaplan 2 and got a 30, VERY pleased, now last week I took Kaplan 3 and got a 26 and today I got a 25, WTF
The confidence I had after those first two tests is now gone, but I am still determined to do well, more than being bummed out Im actually pissed, but now Im going to relax for the rest of the night and begin fresh tomorrow.
Any words of advice, encouragement, or sympathy are appreciated, thanks for listening,

There are many factors that can affect your practice test scores, from how much sleep you got last night to how stressed you are about other things, to whether you got one or two crazy passages on some topic that you didn’t learn. It’s very hard, but if you can remind yourself that these practice tests are learning experiences, not the actual MCAT, that will help put you in a more constructive mindset. Do you know what kinds of topics, questions, and wrong answers tend to trip you up? Are you going over the Kaplan explanations for each test? Make sure to do this for all of the questions, even the ones you got correct. Your answer to a particular question and your score on a particular practice test aren’t what matter. What matters is that you train yourself to think like the testmaker. I tell my students that now is the time to make all of their mistakes, instead of making them in April. Finally, don’t let your performance on a practice test become a measure of your self-worth. Hope this helps, and good luck to you.

Like Q says it can depend on lots of things. 3R is not an easy exam even though VR may have been easier at that time. Just keep using your stop-think-predict tools, keep reviewing your content, and keep doing practice exams and quizzes. Keep in mind also that lots of people do get into med school with 25’s.
Good luck!

Just remember that the MCAT is designed to mess with your head, so just don’t let it. You are bigger than all that. I got for Kaplan: 27, 26, 30, 27 and I got a 30 on the real MCAT.

You’ll be fine! You’ll take few more exams, you have a whole month + to review…
I got 25 on my first full legth and I’m not feeling down! It actually motivated me to work harder!!! Or rather more effective! Do not get discuraged!!! You’ll get better!