End of Second Year

Wow. I can’t believe it. As of today I have finished second year. I just got back from our “Clinical Student” ceremony where we were re-whitecoated, and I’m just overwhelmed. I can’t believe I’ve really done two years and in just eight weeks I’ll be on rotations. It has been such an incredible journey with such high highs and low lows— right up to the scoring of the last domain exam this morning. What an adventure this has been. I’m so excited about what is to come! I guess it’s just sinking in, and I just felt like sharing here, even though I don’t post much. Wow. Well, off to the class celebration if the weather will allow and then on Weds-- board study starts!

congratulations Epidoc! I can say that without a doubt, the WORST of medical school is now behind you. Third year is very hard work but also a lot of fun, and fourth year it sinks in that you’re a doctor and happy about it.
So savor being done, get through the boards and then you’ll be ready to have a terrific third year.

Congrats!! On Friday I will join you in your celebration. I too feel that these two years have flown by and am very much looking forward to starting rotations, even considering that I am starting with surgery
Happy Studying for the boards,

Congratulations both Tec and Epidoc! Hearing from people like you have gone through it (gotten into medical school and seemingly surviving it) is such a great asset for OPM! It gives me an inpsiration - it lets me know that others have gone before me and I can do it. It’s great to have company and hear from others who are in the same boat as you, but sometimes the advice of someone of has lived through just carries more weight than those of us hopefuls. Anyway, Congratulations…you’re an inspiration to us all.

Just a couple weeks left. Next week is my last in the hospital before I really join the team; the last of interviewing patients and saying, “I’m not part of your care team, but this helps teach me how to become a doctor” and so on. The boards loom, terrifying; but the hospital beckons from beyond them, and I’m really excited. Congrats Epidoc!

CONGRATS!! However, speaking as a MS1, it is my completely unbiased opinion that YEAR ONE is the hardest!!

Congratulations on becoming a clinical student! I’m so jealous.

LOL…yes, of the 4 years of med school, I would agree that year 1 is the hardest. Year three, however, will be more intense in other & more fun ways. Personally, I rank the education & training years as follows in descending level of difficulty.
#1 Internship
#2 MS-1
#3 MS-3
#4 MS-2
#5 MS-4

OK - I have posted a poll in “Fun Stuff” section, for some reason I couldn’t add it here.
Hope ya like it!

Congrats to epidoc and everyone else who is finishing off one step and taking another on this lengthy journey!
As for difficulty, I think MSI was the most difficult adjustment (my stress level was certainly highest this year). From a stress standpoint, MSIII has been the least stressful.
MSII was, by far, the most difficult academically. Fortunately, I’d gotten into the swing of things and had figured out I could do it.
MSIII has been incredible. I’m finally learning what I came here to learn and am starting to actually feel like a doctor. When someone mistakenly calls me Dr. Jarvis, I don’t feel the need to look around for the doctor in the room. I still correct them, however.
Take care,


From a stress standpoint, MSIII has been the least stressful.

Wait’ll fourth year, Jeff! Even with the residency stuff to do, it is like a freakin’ cruise. My program director told me to “rest up” prior to starting at the end of June - I am soooooo well rested it is ridiculous.
I would concur with your breakdown. MSI was a huge adjustment and I had serious concerns about whether I’d stay afloat at times. MSII was such an ungodly amount of information - definitely very difficult and challenging. The difference from MSI is that the information was INTERESTING and had clinical relevance, which helped a lot. MSIII had many stressful moments (Jeff, are you telling me OB wasn’t stressful??? If so you are a lucky man) but they alternated with fairly chill experiences (yea psych and free weekends!). MSIV, like I said, even residency apps and interviews couldn’t make it stressful … it was like, I made it, this is really going to happen!