Engineering PhD -> Medicine

I wanted to get some indication on how important it is to take multiple classes at a time at a community college in a DIY post-bacc. I have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and am currently employed as a full time researcher in the field. I understand that normally taking 1 course a semester to meet the pre-med course requirement doesn’t show academic excellence in a academic rigorous environment but doesn’t completing a PhD in engineering in 2.5 yrs and done well in the program (3.75GPA) make a justifiable cause that those requirements have already been met?

I want to get feedback on this as taking 2 community college courses would be quite challenging as some of the courses are only offered on weekday mornings or afternoons which would conflict with my current job. Thank you for your insights in advance!

@vidiliscious, congrats on you academic success thus far. Your question has two parts. Your performance in a PhD program is significant, however, this depends on the type of engineering. Biomedical engineering is different than aerospace engineering. In addition, taking science pre-reqs at a community college is going to be frowned upon by many schools, even with your previous accomplishments. Regarding the number of courses, ideally, you should complete two sciences. There is much more detail and nuance to your question but hopefully this helps. If you’re in need of advising for your pre-med journey, you can email or visit us on IG- @premed_collab.