English class recommendations???

Hello all,

After looking into the pre-req requirements, I realized that I am going to have to take another English class (bc I took AP in high school and got college credit for it, and they won’t count that…never new taking AP classes would come back to haunt me. I was wondering though if anyone had any recommendations on whether or not there is a type of English class that would be helpful at all for the MCAT. I know there is some writing involved, but didn’t know what other type of English content was included on the MCAT. Just wondering if any of you that have taken it would have any suggestions.

Thanks so much!

Hi, Fowen. Speaking as someone with a B.A. in English, I would suggest that two sorts of English courses might work well for your purposes: (1) A literature course, preferably a high-end modern lit section, as this would help strengthen your vocabulary and foster critical thinking; or (2) perhaps a technical writing course, which tends to help engender clear, concise prose. Given the importance of both the verbal portion of the MCAT and critical-thinking skills for premed students, I’d recommend the lit class if possible. Whatever you choose, best of luck with it!

Just make sure that your courses are in the English department or you may have to jump through some hoops to get writing or literature courses seen as “English” courses.



As a fellow BA English student, I would agree that perhaps a technical writing course would be a good idea. Always beneficial to strengthen your writing skills.

As yet another pre-med with a degree in English, I would say that you should take an English class that interests you the most in terms of subject and work type. English classes tend to involve a lot of reading and writing which may not be particularly easy or interesting to someone who doesn’t have a natural interest in taking English classes. So, my advice would be to take something interesting that you will be able to tolerate for an entire semester. You’ll enjoy it and you’re more likely to do well and get an A.

In terms of the MCAT, reading more in general will help you to improve your reading skills. English classes require you to analyze what you’ve read in a variety of different ways. So, just the reading practice will be beneficial.

Grab a MCAT practice book (Kaplan or other) and review the verbal section so you will know what to look for when studying.