English pre-reqs

What types of courses qualify as meeting the one-year English requirement that most med schools have? I took one semester of your standard freshman English, one creative writing course (the department is designated as ENCRW on my transcript as opposed to ENGL for the other), and quite a few writing-intensive courses (one interdisciplinary, one Russian studies, a few math, probably some others I can't think of off the top of my head…).
I was looking at my undergrad school's pre-med site and it stated that the writing-intensive courses outside English would not count towards the requirement, even though they did benefit my writing skills. So, assuming this is correct, do you think that the creative writing class will count? I assumed that with all these courses I would have sufficiently demonstrated an ability to read and write, but now I'm concerned that maybe I need to add a lit course to my post-bacc coursework. Any advice is appreciated!
Thanks guys!

For most schools, you would be considered to have a year of English. If you have questions, call a few med schools which interest you and ask them specifically. Generally speaking, you can pick up missing pre-reqs during the year that your application is being processed, if necessary.

Thanks Judy! That’s what I was hoping to hear. biggrin.gif