English Prereqs??

I understand that I must retake Chem, Bio, Phy & org Chem… but if a school specifies english prereq, must I retake this too? I know I can start calling schools to find out… but anybody out there ask this question to a school? FYI, my last english class was in 1985.
I'm relocating to start a post-bacc program in the fall and I will have a premed advisor… but well… I'm impatient.
Thanks for any answers.

Generally, each school sets an age limit for the classes they will accept to honor the pre-requisites. Knowing that, I elected to repeat all of my pre-reqs, some of them as old as 15 years old - of course, those grades stuck to high heaven as well…so, to have an ice cube's chance in hell at getting in, I had to retake them. However, your question does bring one intriguing point to bear. I retook everything except my 2 English credits - they were taken in the fall '84 & spring 85…and not one school ever questioned them.
Sorry to say, but the best place to get the answers you seek is from the schools themselves. Believe me, this is not a silly question and I am quite certain that you will not be the first to have asked it. Furthermore, wouldn't it suck to get to the application stage only to be rejected for old English courses & simply not having asked early on?
Best of luck & success to you!

I had been wondering about that myself…

I guess I never even thought about my english classes. But I have to say that no one ever questioned them, even though they were 30 years old! However, I did take several other courses which were considered writing intensive, so that may have satisfied them, along with my verbal reasoning and essay scores on the MCAT.
I think Dave's advice is best. Check with the individual schools. I think that since english classes really don't change much, they may take the older classes, unlike the science courses which are changing with new discoveries constantly.
Good luck as you begin your journey!

I know I’ll have to ask the individual schools when I get a little closer to applying, but I was wondering what OPMs experiences have been as well…
My question is whether some schools “forgive” old prereqs if you have extensive upper level classes to replace them? For example, my 1st year bio classes are approaching the 10 year mark already (1st half anyway), but I’m a biology major and will take cell bio next fall, and have many credits in upper level bio classes to replace that intro stuff. Am I going to have to re-take that 1st year bio still even tho I got a good grade in it? If you know of schools that do “forgive” old prereqs in those situations, which ones are they? If there are ones that absolutely won’t I’d be interested in knowing that too…
Thanks, Jessica, UCCS

MSAR usually tells you which schools have a problem with older classes and what the cutoff is. Mostly I saw cutoffs for Canadian schools. I can tell you from experience none of the CA or DC schools (except Loma Linda which I didn't apply to) had a problem with my 11 year old gen chem classes (i chose not to retake them). I would imagine if you got good grades in the prereqs previously and you are currently taking upper division bio, you would be fine. I had current work for the remaining prereqs except for gen chem, and none of the schools seemed bothered by the old gen chem. I would take the suggestion of contacting the schools, though, if you're unsure. Good luck!

I had similar questions which I posted on the introduction forum.
I'm in a similar boat except that I'm not a Biology major. I was a communicatons major (and I'm pretty certain that I have more than met the English Comp requirement). But science is another issue. I've taken introductory Chem and I'm taking Concepts of Biology III (both of which I need for A&P). But, since I wasn't a Bio major, I don't know if I can get by taking the higher-level courses like A&P I-III, Microbiology. and Exercise Physiology. I also don't know if the Intro Chem class would count or not. It wouldn't be a big deal except that there are some courses that are required for my particular AS program so, If I have to take them anyway, might as well see if they will transfer.
I guess the only thing I can do is contact the schools I'm interested in attending and, speak with an advisor about which courses will apply and which won't.
oh well :slight_smile:

when in doubt about intro science classes, take the series of gchem (1 yr w/lab), ochem(1yr w/lab), physics (1 yr w/lab) that would be required of a bio sci major or someone wishing to transfer to university as a bio sci major. this will keep you out of some that are geared for allied health but not acceptable for med school.