anyone have a good textbook recommendation? i have never taken any stats before and need a good basic book that is clearly written…

Here’s a resource:
…and, this one is written by great professors:
There may also be a “stats for dummies” book - I’ve not seen one, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.
What sort of statistics are you looking at? For example, if it’s calculating “incidence rates” or odds ratio and such, any basic epi text will cover these. If it’s more like standard deviations, variance, etc… a basic epi book will most likely cover these as well.
Good luck!

I like the second link you posted. I was having fun going through the flash cards to see what i am in store when I get to med school. I also liked the power point slides on the site. Thanks for the links.

Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

Hi there,
All you need is “High Yield Epidemiology and Biostatistics”. You can get through this book in a couple of hours and it is a complete book. It has simple examples of everything that you need to know and it takes you through every step.

Do they have a high yield for genetics? I have looked but I am starting to think they don’t sell one.
Do you all recommend the high yield series of review books?