ER - The game

I’ll try to find a link to it, but my boyfriend (who has PlayStation2 and is into video games) informs that they’re coming out with ER - The game based on the TV show. I’m not sure but I think it’s supposed to be a PC game. I’ll get to play doctor. tongue.gif I’m not sure if the plot lines and/or patients will follow the TV show or not, but I still think it would be fun. Just thought I’d share.

I have two games for my computer, Emergency Room Physician and Emergency Room Physician–Trauma.
You start off as the intern and work your way up depending on how well you treated the patient and how much help you needed.
The patients have real life problems and you treat them as you would in the ER setting.
When the case is done, you are reviewed by the doctor in charge and either praised or chastised.
It is really cool