Evaluation of 2 Year Game Plan for Non-Trad

Hello Everyone,

As the title suggests I am a prospective non-trad applicant, about 5 years removed from my undergraduate days. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering with a cGPA of 3.45. My GPA did trend down my last semesters (with a few Cs), ironically due to my diagnosis (unknown at the time) of Addisons’s disease. I’ve been working since graduation as an electrical engineering, and looking to apply in June 2023.

As it stand today, I do have a handful of Chem courses, lots of Physics and Math on my transcript but its been ~ 5 years. I am currently enrolled in Chemistry via UC Berkeley’s extension offering and I plan on doing as much bio/chem as I can through them. I am planning on taking the MCAT next spring and I feel on a good day a 510 is possible. Here are the questions/concerns I have:

  • I don’t have any clinical experience. This is something I want regardless of school’s evaluations (because I want the experience for my own evaluation). Being that I work full time and COVID, what recommendations do you have?

  • Based on my work schedule, the only classes I can take now are either online, evening, or both. I have been accepted to two public universities as a post-bacc, but all of their class offerings in person are daytime. Is something online via a reputable institution going to hurt me? If so, what can I do?

  • Any advice you have?



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Hello Sir, My name is Ben. I’m a pre-med who’s just about done with all prereqs and taking his MCAT in 2 months.

I understand that you wish to volunteer for your own evaluation. Is this perhaps seeking to volunteer at a hospital? If so I recommend something that won’t cut in your schedule. Such as volunteering at a hospital once a week.
You’re an electrical engineer, that’s freaking sweet bro! You can definitely work on financial stability and investment in your portfolio on the side while preparing for med school. I wish I got into engineering or finance or computer sci while doing pre-med so I can have a money-making degree instead of just plain old psych.
Lastly, assuming you live in the US, online classes shouldn’t hurt you since the recent pandemic but I’m from NY (which had a very strict lockdown policy) and some courses are becoming hybrid. Perhaps (and this is just speculation) taking online courses would not be feasible after next year may raise an eyebrow among med schools. This may involve calling these medical institutions and asking them about any recent or future updates concerning online class policy. Have you considered doing a DIY postbacc? Otherwise as long you have the pre-reqs you seem pretty good so far.