Examkrackers Bio

I have the entire examkrackers series and am currently working my way through them. I thought I would post my thoughts on this series as an FYI to others considering acquiring them/a subset of their offerings.
I have so far worked through Examkrackers Bio, G. Chem and part of Physics and the Bio book is undoubtedly the best of these. It really does seem to break down the bio to what you basically need for the MCAT - I have been doing review questions and am yet to come up with a question that is not covered in Examkrackers Bio book.
The sections are divided up a little arbitrarily, to make more ‘uniform’ length chapters I think, but this does at least aid in making and sticking to a study plan when you know roughly how long a typical chapter takes to cover. The book reviews the basic science, with side notes in different fonts that provide small additional info that can help with understanding (topics that are not specifically required on the MCAT but the author believes are likely “passage” topics) as well as sections in yet another font which summarises the absolute essentials from that chapter that you must know. I found this format good for both refreshing my memory and for rapid review. It’s like someone giving you course notes with highlighter already on them (and the person that made the highlighting actually knew what they were doing!). There are also 3 or so short quizzes in each chapter to help review concepts and a longer 30 minute more MCAT oriented quiz to give you more of a feeling of what you might face come D-day. I really liked everything about this book and feel it gives you the essential Biology ‘down and dirty’.

I am so glad to hear a positive review on the EK Biology book. I purchased this book over two months ago.
Recently, I purchased the MCAT Physics by Nova Press. I have heard rave reviews on this and if I am disappointed, I will purchase the EK version.
As for General Chem and Organic Chemistry, does anyone have a good book in mind? I have not taken Org. Chemistry yet and would like to get a head start.

for Ochem as a subject (not MCAT review) I’ve heard that “Pushing Electrons” is a good one, but I’ve not read it. Check down in the success hints forum for some other ochem stuff.

'Pushing Electrons' is, as Lisa says, an excellent book. However, do not think that this book will teach you all of organic - for example you will learn nothing about IR spectroscopy in here, or any of the meaning or understanding behind reactions. What this book does is teach you how bonds are broken and made in organic chemistry. This is only a subset of the skills/knowledge needed for O'Chem but it IS a very important and tricky skill - and this book is an excellent tutor of it. Just be aware that reading it will help you with 'pushing electrons' as the title states, but not much more.
Best wishes

I think the EK Bio review book is great as well. I used it as my main source of review, rarely going back to text books for additional info. Scored a 13. I also liked the EK physics - simplified some concepts like optics that it doesn't make sense spending too much time on. My advise on the physical science, however is to just get as much practice doing problems as possible. Doesn't spend too much time memorizing formulas, most are given to you on the actual exam. EK Physics is nice that way because it tells you at the end of each chapter exactly which formulas you need to worry about memorizing, whereas Kaplan was a bit overwhelming in this respect.

Thanks for the great advice, everyone! I will go ahead and purchase the “Pushing Electrons” by Weeks. I will check out the EK Physics as well. =)