Excuse me while my eyes glaze over

I must prioritize sleep. I’ve been up with kids all night and getting up before god for work and school 7 days a week. Staying up too late to study and falling asleep in lecture. Not entirely falling asleep, but you can see my handwriting as I try to take notes. It becomes suddenly incoherent and then jerks as I jerk my head awake again. As a result, I zoned out on a good portion of equilibriums of acid/bases and am completely lost now in preparation for the exam.

My tutor tried to explain things to me…but he went all analytical chem on me which caused the deer in head lights look again.

I have until Monday to figure this out, while studying for a bio quiz and figuring out how to start the discussion section of my lab report for the ever so wonderful urine lab. I’ve never felt more surrounded by ick before in my life. 30 kids with cups full of urine in one room is a bit daunting to say the least.

I hear you! I am a couple weeks ahead because I did school work on spring break, ya know, since I wasn’t going to Cancun or anything, but normally, it is a trick to fit it in everything. Somehow, getting up before 5 causes me to fall asleep before 9. . .My husband has warned me that I’ll need to learn to like coffee before med school.

Good luck with the exam, quiz, and lab. I don’t think I ever had a urine lab (other than the ones a the docs office ha ha). . .maybe something to look forward to in Bio 2?

lol, I remember doing the urine lab in A&P.

Just to make you feel better (or not…if you are eating something, do NOT read the following)…

Picture lady in her 50s, 200 pounds or so, has diarrhea on her bed. Fine, clean it up, change the bed sheets with her in it…

Only to have it start oozing out again and starts dripping on the floor. EW! This is why I don’t work with adults and only suffered as a tech…if my patients do that to me now, I can hold them in one arm with the other changing the bed. More my style.

Haha Justine! That’s great. There’s a reason I want to go into peds!