Executive Council Job Descriptions

OK, in a series of posts, I will be posting .pdf files that are the current Board-approved Executive Council job descriptions. Please take the time to read them & consider your ability to honor the requisite time commitment - if you have questions, either post them here &/or contact those who currently or in the past have held those positions.
Also, be aware that in an effort to make the Executive Council a more efficient & effective leadership body, the Board has made revisions to all 7 positions, most extensively to the Chair of Fundraising & Public Relations & the Chair of Projects & Planning. You will quickly note that only 4 of the 7 positions are now chosen by election. The remaining 3 are by either Presidential or Exec Council appointment.
The mission of the Executive Council is multifold. One, the Exec Council is the elected body of leadership that is respoonsible for the day-to-day operation of OldpreMeds & held accountible to the general membership to develop OldPremeds in the direction determine to be the need/desire of the general membership. Two, it is to provide an avenue for any member in good standing to rise to the challenge of leadership in a growing, new professional organization. Three, through the Exective Council the general membership of OPM has leverage to guide the future directions of this organization.
Attached to this post is the President’s job description.

Attached files 1111351297-President.pdf (13.4 KB)Â

Vice President

Attached files 1111351386-Vice President.pdf (13.3 KB)Â


Attached files 1111351418-Secretary.pdf (11.9 KB)Â


Attached files 1111351444-Treasurer.pdf (12.1 KB)Â

Chair of Projects & Planning

Attached files 1111351484-Chair of Projects and Planning.pdf (12.5 KB)Â

Chair of Fundraising & Public Relations

Attached files 1111351519-Chair of Fundraising and Public Relations.pdf (13.2 KB)Â


Attached files 1111351556-Parliamentarian.pdf (11.5 KB)Â

How and Where are the meetings conducted?


How and Where are the meetings conducted?

This is left up to the members. Basically, it’s whatever works best for all involved. When I was on the Executive Council we held meetings on certain Sunday nights using AOL’s Instant Messenger and private rooms. It works pretty good as long as a date and time can be picked.

On-line venues are an option, as Geoff pointed out. Also, the current group is actually utilzing serial posts via a Exec Council discussion forum to suffice for topics where an actual meeting is not necessary.

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What happens when you try? There’s nothing that SHOULD be preventing you.

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It’s grayed out? Yikes! Please try logging out and back in. If that fails, try going to THIS LINK to clear your OPM-related cookies; then you’ll probably have to login again. If that doesn’t work, then you’ve stumped the band–but reply here and we’ll hope Geoff comes along, who knows the board software much better than I do.

I tried both suggestions and it still does not work.
Thanks for the help.