Exercise Science B.S. & Biology Minor or Biology B.S. & Exercise Science Minor

Hey guys, I am currently finishing my last few pre-req classes and planning to transfer next semester to finish my degree at a University. Unfortunately I am not sure what my best path forward is in deciding which degree to pursue. A little info about me. My current overall GPA is a 2.8 I made some poor decisions when I was younger and made some bad grades. However my science GPA is a 3.8 as well as my math GPA being a 3.8. I really love the exercise science degree and finishing my pre-med classes will give me a minor in biology. But I don’t know if getting the biology degree would make my Med School application stronger. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I think if your minor in biology would satisfy the pre-reqs you must complete that. Any upper level science courses I think would benefit you in showing that your ready for med school assuming you do well, and might even take some attention off of the low GPA. Just my thoughts.