Extension classes at UC school for basic premed prerequisite courses


I am a non-traditional premed student, who is looking to complete all the basic prereqs required for medical school application. I work full time (remotely) and I am paying for the courses myself so I thought of doing a DIY post bacc. I started with an enrolment in General Chemistry at a UC extension campus last month. The course is good but due to the current situation, it is conducted online. I am interested in continuing to take my basic pre-req courses at UC extension, however, I have some doubts before I register for the upcoming Summer quarter.

  1. Are extension classes viewed poorly by admission committees? Do admission committees only require pre-req classes taken at a regular 4-year university or community college? Has anyone faced any issues with extension classes in the past?

  2. The extension classes will be online for the summer of 2021 and I plan to register for a chemistry lab during the summer. Would it be okay to do the lab coursework online?

Thanks in advance.

To Q#1, No to all of it. You will be fine doing it at an extension. To Q#2, many post bacs, including the formal program I am in, are doing online labs this summer and may possibly continue to the fall depending on the school, although it does seem like UC’s and CSU’s will be opening back up by then. I have also taken Gen Chem 1 at a community college all online including the lab. 90% of us don’t have a choice, we HAVE to take it online due to covid and schools being “closed” so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You’ll be fine. Good luck!

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I started a post-bacc at a UC extension in January 2020 and most of my experience in the program has been online. As far as I understand, adcoms don’t look poorly upon extension courses provided the school is regionally accredited. Many working professionals go this route because the only payment required is for individual classes without additional fees most colleges/universities charge. My extension campus doesn’t indicate that courses were taken online, although I schools have been more accepting of online coursework during the pandemic