Failed Dual Enrollment Class

Hello! This is my first time on this forum so please forgive me as I get used to everything.

I’m an upcoming freshman at my state’s public university. I had taken Linear Algebra at a pretty prestigious university in my state as a dual enrollment class – not that it really matters to me anymore.

I had failed the class, and I have really have no excuse. I’m actually kind of thankful I didn’t pass because it gave me a reality check of how college will be so much more different than high school, and that I have to stay focused on school work.

It does show up on my undergraduate transcript and will probably affect my gpa. I know that failing a class won’t get rid of my chances of getting into medical school as long as I keep my grades up during college (right?). However, I wanted to know how medical schools will view this or will they look over it by the time I apply in 3-4 years.