Falcon Board Review?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any info, good or bad, about Falcon Physician Review? We had a briefing from them about their COMLEX I prep course and it looked pretty good.

I really don’t want to spend another $1k+. However, I reviewed one of their 30 minute segments on immunology and made connections I hadn’t made through two years of medical school.

Has anyone used this review course?


I don’t know anything about Falcon review, but I DO know that you can’t let the money needed for a review course influence your choice as to whether or not to participate. The money you will spend on a good review course is but a drop in the bucket of your total medical school expenditures. If you have to retake the exam (and boy do I know this path), you will incur a great more expense in test expenses and extra tuition fees, at least if it results in extra time before graduation.

Find out all you can about the Falcon Course, investigate other options, and then make a choice for the review course you feel will benefit you the most.

Good luck. . . and don’t forget to keep your faith and confidence!

Dave, when are you required to take Step 1? June / July?

I’m required to take it by 20 June. Clerkships start 7 July and in between we’re talking major vacation with the family…lots of waterparks, good food, relatives and maybe even some slow dancing with wife at a Riverwalk in San Antone restaurant…yeah, baby…

Like the song says,“Goin’ down, Party Time”…

BTW - are you using the military definition of ‘Fugazi’ ?