Fall courses

I have finished all my pre-reqs and am in “glide year”, while I apply to med school. I’m trying to decide what to take in the fall and spring.
Currently I’m taking genetics. In the fall I am registered for both biochemistry and cell biology. In the spring there will probably be a biostatistics class that is recommended by my med school of choice. Cell bio lab can be taken separately from cell bio lecture.
I am very tempted to just take biochem this fall, particularly if there’s lots of memorization. I could take the cell bio and biostats in the spring and take the lab if I feel like it. I’d have an easy fall, but hey, maybe I want an easy fall. I could also take the genetics/cell bio lab this fall, since the lab requires EITHER genetics OR cell bio as a pre-req.
Some considerations in favor of the easy fall are:
Tuition money
Wanting to go swing dancing before I go to med school and my free time is sucked away
Weekend travel plans for fall
Considerations in favor of the more challenging fall are:
Being better prepared for med school
Possibly easier spring

Thoughts? Advice?

I think that you’re one of the better prepared people I know. After working so haaaaaard, maybe you should just relax a little bit before the real marathon starts?
that’s my 2 cents.

I would go in favor of the easy fall. I can’t emphasize how fast your glide year will go by! Plus, biochem isn’t really easy–it can involve a lot of memorization. I would go with swing dancing and fall travel over better preparation any day, but that’s just me.

I also vote for easy. In my glide year I attempted biochem and eventually dropped it. Instead I managed my daughter’s skating team, travelled a lot, and worked part-time in a doctor’s office. I agree, you’re well-prepared and you deserve a break.