Fall Schedule

Just wanted to get some feedback as to my fall schedule, to see if anyone thought it was too heavy.

407 Cancer Cell Biology

306 Histology

480 Advanced Cell Biology

In the past I have taken:

Spring 2006

202 Genetics

215 Physiology

204 Cell Biology

Summer 2006

226 Chemistry of the Brain

402 Biochemistry

So far, I have a 4.0. Histology is rumored to be very difficult, and so is Cancer Cell. What do you guys think? Can I keep my 4.0 GPA?

I will only be volunteering 4 hrs a week, and can conceivably put off volunteering until the Spring if necessary.

To be honest, I’m not sure of the time requirement of courses of that nature - are you able to find that out from your profs or other students?

If you’ve been able to excel (4.0!) in your previous courseloads, I’d imagine this would be feasable for you. How did you find Spring of 06 to be? Were you at the end of your rope, or did you stay comfortable?

Very interesting courses, by the way… just really neat stuff to learn. To me, that’s really exciting

Any labs?

No labs. Spring 06 was not too bad.

YOu might be okay. Depends on how challenging your genetics course was (mine was kind of easy) and how challenging your new courseload is in comparison. If you have room to ramp up if things get hairy, I’d say it’s probably okay to go for it.

I also think you should be fine. Especially that Advanced Cell Biology and Cancer Cell Biology will both be building on Cell Biology that you’ve aready taken, + I guess some material will be redundant in both classes. Histology is lots of work but again…with no labs, and two other classes that expand what you already know, you should be fine.