Fall Schedule

Hello All,

Enrolled at the local university to take Fall classes as a non-degree student, the concern is that after taking the math placement test, I will need remedial math which will put me behind in taking the prerequisites. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can brush up on the math on my own? This setback means that I will not be able to take the MCAT and apply until Summer 2011. I was trying to avoid taking Summer classes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is taking math at a community college a good idea?

I went thru the same thing. I know that disappointing feeling when you realize that this may take longer than you had hoped. I just had to keep reminding myself that this really is a marathon not a sprint. In the long run, I was glad that I refreshed my math skills. The extra year I have had to add to my plan was worth the better grades in Gen Chem and reduced frustration I would have had if my math skills wern’t up to speed. I took the math classes at a community college.

Please don’t get discouraged, hang in there and eat this elephant one bite at a time.


Same here. I went ahead and did the low level “refresher” math classes. Thank goodness I did. I had forgotten a lot. I just took everyone’s advice on “it’s a marathon and not a race”. I am taking my time. Which meant that I haven’t had to take a heavy load. Which in turn has allowed me to probably do better in my classes, since, I am usually not overloaded. I feel for you, but, at the same time my personal experience has been that it was a good thing to take the low level and just take a bit longer.

I know that my local college has a general test for Math aptitude. They also would allow you to take a test to challenge one particular math class. Say you feel confident that you don’t need beginning algebra. You just challenge that class and if passed you could move up a course number. It makes me nervous when they would throw in Geometry. I wonder if I should know it and then forget everything. This allows you to focus and study in one specific area. Best wishes.

For me, the biggest help in repeating a math class was learning how to use the scientific calculators. I found the math came back to me fairly quickly, but it was a challenge to learn the ins and outs of those darn TI-83s.