Fall Semester 2009..classes to take

So I’m wondering what to do - I am working full time and would like to take a class in the coming semester.

Physio, Anatomy, Biochmistry or Statistics? I could take two but with my job and everything I know I’d be biting off too much so it has to be one.

Which one would serve me better in applying and then in med school?



what do you mean by “serve you better in applying”? Are you referring to which one “looks better” on ur transcript or which one will help you best on the mcat? I’m not in med school yet so I"m not sure about that part of the question.

I would place statistics at the bottom of the rung. Biochem would be on the top of the list for me. I’m not sure about other states, but in Florida there is NO school that requires or recommends Anatomy. It says on my pre-med packet in regards to this: “The concept is that medical students are going to be exposed to human anatomy almost 24/7, therefore, it does not require or need previous academic support.” But again, this is Florida speaking.

I would go with biochem.

Biochem > physio > statistics > anatomy. Biochem will require a lot of time, though, so be prepared. I personally think most medical students lack a basic understanding of statistics, which is really necessary for reading and interpreting research literature.

Yep, what Emergeny ^ said