Family friendly school=KCOM

I admit that I’ve only applied to one school- KCOM- becuase it is near my family and my husband has a highly specialized degree which would make it very challenging to keep the family together while I go to school. And my family comes first.
Also, I work at KCOM; I have for the past 3 years, and I like it here. I like the feeling I get when I go to work. Very rarely do I wake up in the morning regretting that it’s a work day. I love the people here and I feel that the philosophy has been absorbed into my bones! wink.gif
Now to the point- Last week was Still-a-bration, a Founder’s Day celebration of AT Still and the founding of the school. This consisted of opportunities for CMEs and past graduates to renew old acquaintances, a chance for current students to further bond, professors being goofy and doing the limbo (!), and, extremely importantly, the climax of the week was a wonderful opportunity for everyone’s families to get together and enjoy each other’s company.
There were games for kids along with face painting, a petting zoo, etc. It was EXPECTED that kids would be there. Throughout the evening of the dinner/luau, kids were everywhere. New babies, older siblings, pregnant spouses/students, dads with babies in slings, people saying things like, “I remember last year, your daughter was so tiny and now she’s walking!”
It just gave (and still gives) me such a warm feeling and sense of pride that KCOM is so understanding and welcoming of families. The climax of the Founder’s Week activities was this huge gathering of families, and it seemed symbolic to me of how our families are the center of our lives, buffers for us from the stresses of medical school and career, and that the administration at KCOM recognizes this and supports its students AND their families in their journey towards becoming good doctors and, most importantly, good PEOPLE.
Since many of us OPMs here do have kids, I thought I’d share this glimpse into the KCOM community. Children are definitely NOT out of place here!

Thanks for sharing (and I don’t mean this is a snide way). Any school that is “family friendly” is one that I would want to attend. And, I have read your blog, Sweet Jeddi Momma, weird dreams and all. Best of luck to you for your upcoming interview at KCOM. I am arranging for a KCOM campus visit via Michael Callahan and hope to hear how your interview went and impressions of KCOM. Aloha.
Surfergene (formerly of Hawaii now residing in Ohio and '84 MU grad)

Surfergene, formerly of Hawaii,
Thanks for reading my blog! I do it for myself but it’s nice to get noticed sometimes.
I used to live in Hawaii, too- from 1978-1984. On Oahu, at Hickam AFB. I had a wonderful time growing up there. It really influenced me.
Then we moved to the middle of Texas in the middle of a drought and I didn’t come out of my room for 6 months. But that’s another story. wink.gif
Good luck with your visit. Perhaps we’ll bump into each other in passing!

KCOM sounds WONDERFUL!!! (and it’s on my list!!) I have 3 kids and don’t want them to feel left out. (Especially since most of my classmates are the age of MY oldest son!! laugh.gif )