family life?

I would liek to start topic about medical students with children. You see I am 21 with two kids(age 3 and 2 months) By the time I am in medical school thy'll be age 6 and 3. Anyone out there with young kids still managing to contribute to those vital years of development while still handling med school?

Well, I sorta have a daugjter – she's still in utero; so my situation may not precisely apply to your own.
Seriously, the waters you're considering wading into are far from unique. Many, many folks have negotiated this path w/o ending up with axe-murderers for kids or kids who hate their parents. Much like a successful marriage or successful parenting requires anyway – it is all about setting priorities and balancing your obligations.
Is it more difficult to be married &/or have children as a medical student or resident? Yes & no…yes because you have an emotional support network of people who have vested interest in your success. That from a group that truly knows & loves you with all of your indiosyncrasies . No, because you will obligation & responsibilities beyond that of your more traditionally aged colleagues. There will be times when they are out 'playing' that you will not be able to come along. And, there will be times when you will have to sacrifice some study time to invest in your family.
Is it do-able? Absolutely! No less than 1/4 of my class had children at the start. I would venture that no less than 1/3 of them have kids now…many of them have more than one. The oldest guy in my class, age 39 when we started, had 5 children and had number 6 during our second year. Scott is also ranked near the top of my class. He's one very sharp fellow.
Can you do this? Only you can determine this. As you can see, it will involve not only your intense commitment to becoming a physician; but also your family must commit to it as well. Once you're married or in a life-partnership, it no longer a solo-ride or effort – it becomes a family thing. If they are 100% behind you and you focus on the 4 critical elements of all successful relationships (honesty, communication, trust & respect), then it can be done.