Fear of having made the wrong post-bacc choices

Well, it’s been exactly one year since I took the plunge to get my post-bacc journey started. Thus far I have defeated 2 semesters with straight A’s in my science courses (Bio 1, Gchem 1/2).

Unlike many of the posters here, my journey was a bit different. So many nontrads have managed to successfully keep up with a full-time job while taking evening courses at the same time.

This was not really my case. I had decided a long time ago that I really wanted to this, so I left my full time job to become a student full-time again in an effort to cut down the time needed to finish all my BCP prerequisites. I just have this concern that I cannot shake, that somehow this course of action would downplay my academic performance as it might seem irresponsible that an adult would just throw away a perfectly well paying career to pursue such a risky endeavor. This could be just my paranoid side taking advantage of my recent caffeine binges. Now in retrospect, I’m wondering if it would have been a better choice to remain employed and take classes.

I have taken a part-time position at my school as a lab assistant to help reduce the rate of financial drain.

This brings me to dillema #2, which is that on my old job which required 85% travel, taking classes through a normal 4 year institution would have been somewhat impossible. Getting a new job that required less travel so that I could take classes at night, seem like a very roundabout and ungenuine way to accomplish my goals too.

My final concern of all of all of this is my courseload. In Winter 07 semester, I took 3 courses for 11 credits (1 shy of 12 full time), took 1 class during summer semester, and now am enrolled in 3 courses again for 11 credits. Officially, I have a pseudo-full time status… as I am very close to 12 cr/semester but not quite. My concern is that this somehow will look bad since I am after all a student again for all practical purposes.

The courseload thing is also restricted by many real life constraints. I am basically living off savings and every additional extra credit hour adds to my expenses. Because of how science courses are sequentially set up, I really can’t overload my schedule with science courses yet at this stage of the game.

So yea in conclusion: No longer a professional --> Became Full Student --> But Officially 1 credit under full time status for 2 semesters straight = bad?

It sounds like you did what’s right for you, and now you’re just letting yourself get to worrying - not that uncommon among this group .

The general advice is to take as full a courseload as you can manage, financially and academically. It sounds like you’re doing that, with straight As and a budget balanced as best you can manage.

You’re serious enough about your education that your 85% travel job wasn’t feasible. You did what you had to do to address that issue, based on your priorities. I can’t speak for AdComs, but that strikes me as “this guy is committed,” not “this guy should be committed.”

FWIW, my dilemma was similar, though perhaps a bit more buffered. I decided to hemorrhage money for a year and go to school full-time; I hope that doing well in a science-heavy courseload will reflect well on my capabilities. It allowed me to accelerate my pace and prove myself at the same time, and it worked for me. Now I’m back to working and taking 9 credits, because a year of FT was all I could afford.

And regardless - you can’t change decisions you’ve already made. The only question remaining is: what is best for you now?