Fear of the Unknown! Pls Advise

I am a 35yr old aspiring to become a medical doctor, but I am afraid of not being able to make the journey. I am seriously thinking of giving up the dream and focusing on something else. To brief you on my background-- As earlier implied, my desire has always been to be a medical doctor, but I had many odds stacked against me. My father died at a young age while I was still in elementary school, and after his death, my family pretty much became dysfunctional; thus consequentially, my formal education really suffred. To sum it up, my mother had me dopped out of high school school because she she would rather have me work. I gave birth to a child, whom she moved with her to another country at 6mths old.

At age 25 I managed to complete my high school studies and wanted to proceed with my goal of becoming a MD. I went to premed advisors at the CC and 4yrUniv in my area, but they advised me to do something else-telling me I was too old to be thinking of attending a medical school. I pretty much believed them because my self confidence had died a long time ago. However, I was still determined to completing 4yr degree even though I could not make medical school. I decided to major in Psychology(for many pers. reasons), and it was while completing some of the program’s courses such as neuropsych and abnormal psych that I realized the desire to be a MD would always linger on my mind, compounded with the fact that my father had died from a disease which could have been prevented and my stepbrother is still in a vegitative state due to episodes of siezures, which could have also been controlled or cured. I decided I was going to proceed with a career in a medical field and chose nursing.

I made it. I was the first to complete a 4yr degree in my family! I completed my degree in Psych. with a MCL and a 3.9 GPA. I completed my science prereqs(4.0 GPA) for an ass. in a 1yr accelerated nursing program and got accepted. I was supposed to start Jan. 07, but I decided to suspend my adm. to fall of 07 because my 6mth old son became seriously sick after I put him in a daycare; we also have not had luck nannies.

The progarm is to resume in the fall, but I have a nagging feeling that nursing is not the direction for me. My husband makes enough to support the family, and he is suggesting that I use the 1yr instead for medical sch prereqs., and proceed with my journey to becoming a MD. My first child is 15yrs old, and she is hoping to also be a MD. My husband thinks we could handle taking care of the kids with me being in medical school, but he is also looking at starting his business in a year or so. I have been reading the posts on this website for quite sometime before deciding to join in, and realized that my situation is somewhat deviated. However, I would appreciate all the advises on the pros and the cons of what road to take.

I am now 36yrs of age and afraid that given the dissapointments I have had in the past and having been told at age 26 that no Med school will look at my application bcos I was not an ideal candidate, do I still embark on this journey? I also want to be the best mother I could possibly be to my children. I don’t know how we could possibly have the time for the children if my husband is thinking of starting a business that soon and I forging towards medical sch.

I am presently a SHM bcos my son’s ped has advised us that my son should not attend a daycare until he’s probbaly two, but I am thinking of tyring a new nanny again. I have a semester before the nursing progm starts in fall, I am thinking of taking some science classes. However, I do not know in what order to take all the science basis(BIO I & II, CHM I & II, PHY I & II, OCHEM I & II and possibly others) needed for Med sch. and how long it will possibly take me to complete them. I ask myself:if my husband and I should seperate in the middle of Med Sch., would I be able to proceed with this dream and still be able to give the best to my children. I also know that I should be feeing more secured but I have heard of women who quit medical schools due to divorce. Should I just opt for nursing as an alternative and just let my beautiful daughter carry on with the touch?

Once again, I want to thank in advance everyone that reads this post and chose to give me his/her 2 cents opinion- who knows it might worth a million 2morrow. Thanks.

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