Federal Loans Undergrad v. Med School

So, $7000 per year, or $3500 per semester is the most federal money while working on your undergrad, what federal money is available for med school? I have heard it is around $50k a year? True? I’m not talking about pells or scholorships or anything other than the federally subsidized loans. Thanks, ya’ll.

Yes, the federal amount for med school is around $50,000.

Thanks. Thought so. I haven’t really gotten that far yet in my research, but good to know when selecting schools. Ima gonna be broke. Oh well, I’m used to it.

I’m not sure how it works, but my fiance is in a physician assistant program, and he is eligible for some subsidized loans to cover tuition, and Grad Plus loans to cover his living expenses.

This may go slightly off-topic, but the issue of supporting yourself through grad school can be complicated, depending on your school. His school is especially strict about their policy that forbids their students to work. One of his classmates is an RN who is supporting herself and three kids, and she does per diem shifts around her class schedule to make ends meet. She got in trouble with the director of the program when she couldn’t call out of work in time to make it to a practicum that they changed at the eleventh hour. He almost got in similar trouble, since he is an adjunct lecturer at a local college, and was fortunate enough to find a substitute last-minute. It seems unfair that the primary reason for this policy is that they allow professors to change schedules at their convenience. There is a cap on how much you can take out in loans. In our case, our finances are tight, but manageable. But what about students like his classmate, who have no help and rely on the extra money they make working a few hours a week to provide for their kids?

I know that most med schools have similarly strict policies, but I think that once you are accepted, they will go to great lengths to ensure that you can finance your education with enough money left over to eat and sleep :slight_smile: I hope I’m not naive about this.

Thanks, ehughs. That is really good information. I know I don’t want to work while in school, even now that I am finishing my undergrad, but realistically, I know I’ll have to work. I have no family and I’m single. I guess my whole reason for going back to school and following this dream was the fact that I let go of my fear of paying for it. I am under the assumption “if there is a will, there is a way” kind of thinking, or “Everyone else is doing it and they are not all rich.”

I figure, someway, somehow, if I want it, I’ll figure it out. I think the key for me is applying for every, single, dingle thing I can apply for in the way of scholarships and the like. Hopefully, like you said, once accepted into a med school, they will be able to keep me in the program in spite of financial hardship. We’ll see.

I hope so, too. It’s tough doing this pre-med thing without the guidance you really need. I wish I could afford to hire someone just to tell me how to approach this process financially, and whether I’ll run into a situation where loans won’t be enough to float me through it. For now, I’m just trusting in the system…if I prove that I’m worthy, I should at least be able to take out loans at rates far more exorbitant than what I expected. Whatever it takes, right?