Feeling a little bit full of doubt

Hey everyone, maybe its just one of those mondays, but I am feeling pretty down.

I keep looking at my overall application and it just isn’t giving me any hope. A little history about myself, I finished my undergrad with a 3.01 overall GPA (double major Computer Science and Math) and 3.25 BCMP back in 2004.

Anyways after working in the IT field for a few years, I realised I wanted to pursue a career in human medicine, so, I started going back to school to finish all my pre-med requirements (both general chemistries, both biologies, and both organics), my estimated post-bacc GPA alone will be 3.7+ by may of 2008…

I was actually planning to take 1 more year of additional post-bacc upper level science courses so that I will be ready to apply for 2010 cycle… by then I’d have approx 55-60 credits hrs in post-bacc and my post-bacc GPA will be (hopfully) around 3.7ish.

The problem is, when I combine the post-bacc GPA with my 136 credits hrs of undergrad, my overall GPA bairly touches 3.25 (which is no where near the medical school average of 3.5-3.6), I just don’t see myself ever getting accepted (supposing I get an average MCAT score of 29-30)… Im sorry folks, I don’t mean to whine about this, Im just feeling down

Keep in mind that half of the people who get accepted have a GPA under the mean. That doesn’t mean that you want to be there - but it’s not the deathknell of your application, either.

You - like me, Amy, OMD, and any number of others - will have to apply knowing that we have a black eye already apparent. It doesn’t pay to worry about things that we can’t change, and old grades are certainly one of them.

Heh, here’s something telling: the way that I measure the value of things is by how much sleep they’re worth. IMHO, old grades aren’t worth losing any sleep over. Instead, spend that time doing everything in your power to excel in what’s before you… or just use it to rest up, since you won’t be getting a lot of sleep when you make your way into med school.


I agree with pi1304, admissions committees are more impressed by what you have done lately, that is why med school pre-reqs “expire” (a source of hinted “hoop by passing” for some) after a time. Just keep doing what you are doing with the “good stuff” in the here and now.


my undergraduate GPA was almost exactly 3.0 - and yes my post bac grades as I specialized inthe things I did better at were better, I don’t recall exactly but similar to yours.

I am now in 3rd year of residency – enough said

thanks for the positive responces…

I was just having a bad day on monday, actually, that last week was a pretty tough one… to the point that I was sleep walking at work lol

Yes I walked into work on wednesday, sat down, started working on my PC (everything was normal so far) and all of a sudden, there was a crowed of people around me shaking my shoulders and saying “dude, stop singing”

Apparently, I was singing with my eyes wide open stairing into my minotor and I dont’ remember a damn thing lol… Now they call me “American Idol” at work lol haha

Its not that funny since it is a serious situation, but Im getting a few good laughs about it so it made me feel a little better…

Anyways, I am going to not have my undergrad years bother me, I know I screwed up and there isn’t much I can do about that… the only thing I am going to work on right now is my post-bacc grades and my application process (I’ll be applying to both MD and DO schools)… hopfully someone will see my maturity