feeling cast adrift ?

so - is anyone else feeling like they are in limbo?
you've had one or more interviews - but no acceptances yet ?
wondering if you will get in this cycle - or have to start the whole thing over again?
how are you dealing with it? I'm feeling a little like my feet are in quicksand and am having trouble staying movitivated in my ugrad courses … it's sort of like senioritis but without the happy-going-somewhere-else perk - just the almost-done-disconnectedness from the present tasks.
anyone else still in limbo?

Hey Lisa! I was just thinking about you this morning wondering if there was any news yet. I cannot imagine the blahness you must be feeling right now. Just do not give up hope until September, you never know. I keep having this feeling that you are going to get into Mayo and I will be able to meet you there this summer while I am doing research. Just keep your chin up, I am rooting (sp?) for you girl!

bump for forums back online

hi lisa! will send you an email… rolleyes.gif

Don't give up. At this time last year I hadn't even interviewed yet, and I still got in several places. Hang in there.