feeling so far away

hey everyone…

sitting here doing physics problems, having a beer thinking about how far away from actually doing anything with medicine that I am and it feels a little depressing. I could honestly care less about component vectors in physics right now, but I realize this is just a step that every doctor has to take.

I can’t wait til’ the day where I’m actually doing something in the medical field, rather than going through all the “weed out” courses.


I watch Discovery Health Channel programs like Code Blue and it makes me just drool to think about getting to do those procedures I see on there and it gives me fuel into my tank to continue on, but today, with chemistry & calc this term, this is quite the load to balance.

ok, i’ll stop my pity party now…chin up…

I feel the same way some times!

What year are you planning on going to med school?


Hopefully, fall of 2009. You?

I’m thinking 09 or 10, most likely 2010. I would like to either be finished or very close with my masters before I apply.


Welcome to “the show”… seems I too had a few beers during physics…

It might help you to know that physics (I boobed and took physics II during the summer) was MY low point too… Physics AIN’T natural all it is is a PISS POT full of “made up” equations to match the natural phenomenon the equation is describing.

Course… you gotta hang in there… Enjoy today off… then GET cracking! I survived a “less than stellar” grade in physics. If you have gone by the numbers happy days are coming!

Also, the last time I saw anything to do with physics was on the MCAT after 3 years and change years of medical school NOT ONE WHIT has come up… I do not anticipate physics coming in my fourth year either…