Fellowships during the research years of a surgical residency?

Hello All:

Recently, I read the bio of a Trauma Surgeon who completed a two year Trauma/CC fellowship during the research years of his GS residency program. Granted he did this 20 years ago, but is the route listed below still possible? Thoughts?

Route 1:

Medical School + 6-7 Yr. GS Residency (complete a 1-2 Yr. Trauma Fellowship during the research years) = Trauma Surgeon

I think you can do an ortho residency, generally 5 years and then a one year trauma fellowship. I don’t about other surgical residency paths.

Yes, it’s still possible. Ohio State has a 6 year gen surg residency with either a research year or a critical care fellowship. Not sure if they have to do an additional year of trauma critical care or not, but at least two of the current trauma surgeons there did their gen surg residency and critical care fellowship at OSU.

Yes. There are plenty of university hospitals that let you do your critical care fellowship during your residency. Most of them have a requirement of finishing 3 years of GS residency. For trauma you have to do additional year; I’m not sure if you have to be done with your GS residency, but I assume you do.

Or you can pick the traditional option where you first do 5 yrs of GS and then 2 years of trauma/ cc fellowship --> still 7 years!