FICO discrepancy

I ordered my FICO credit score ( which allows you to choose which bureau you want to see your score for. I chose Transunion. Then I piad to see my score on transunion’s website, and the scores were not the same! The one on myfico was about 7 points higher than the one on Transunion, which doesn’t make sense.Which one is more accurate?

Was there any time discrepancy between the time you got your FICO score through myFICO and directly from TransUnion? Seven points isn’t huge, maybe there was some activity in one of your accounts that changed the score slightly (did you close a credit card, pay off a loan, open a line of credit?). If you can find a customer service number for either TransUnion or myFICO, I would call them and get the answer directly from them. Also, just as a general note, be sure to check your credit report and FICO scores with the other two companies to make sure there are no errors or discrepancies. I’m sure you know that, but had to throw it in, anyway.