Figuring out MPH vs. MD

Hey again. I am definately over-posting. Too much time on my hands right now!
First of all, I want to thank those of you who have passed on words of wisdom. Trust me, I am taking it all to heart!
Of course, I’m not abandoning my MPH pursuit - yet. No harm in at least applying while considerig options. Which means, of course, I’m researching Northwestern’s post-bac (I’ll be a Wildcat yet!) as well as UIC for necessary courses. UIC will obviously save me some $$$, which might be better spent on medical school, right? Anyway, I digress…
It’s interesting that Schools of Public Health definately encourage the MPH first, while you all recommend doing it with an MD program. Well, I know everyone has their own opinions and agendas!
Lastly, does anyone here know much about Tropical Medicine or Travel Health and where I can learn more about the field? Obviously, my time spent in W. Africa and other random locations around the globe have piqued my interest.
So the plan from here is to take my pre-calc/college algebra at a cc while continuing to weigh the pros and cons of MPH programs vs. just doing the pre-reqs (whether thru a post-bac or at Large State U.) Phew! This is a test of my ability to commit to a plan that flies in the face of convention! How interesting.
Take care and thanks again for your wisdom.
Meryl (yes - a real name!)

If you have not already done so, try researching which college programs offer assistance to RPCVs. For example, I received a scholarship from the University of Missouri which consisted of in-state tuition; a significant savings as an out-of-stater. You might try your country desk officer at PC. As for tropical health/medicine; try Tulane or some of the Florida schools. Aloha.