final chapter for this semester

Well, I went and spoke with disability services and also with the office of general studies today. Last night and through today, my symptoms re-emerged and I am just getting sicker. Called my primary and turns out the culture shows two strains of bacteria. One that is resistant to one drug, and one that is resistant to the other. My choices are limited because I am allergic to sulfur ( in all forms - mineral in foods, sulfites, sulfates, and sulfa drugs) and am also allerigic to penicillin (anaphylaxis). So now we are treating two pronged with two antibiotics and I am off work until Thursday. The infection is systemic at this point - nausea, vomiting, fever, and joint pain, along with cloudy urine, and flank pain. Sick. We are hoping beyond hope that we can get this under control at home, and that I have not developed cross-sensitivity with the Macro-bid due to the sulfur allergy. Just in case, I took some Benedryl. I took a medical withdrawal from class and since I have the time blocked out in my schedule between now and December, am taking 5 free classes in Excel and am going to use the other hours to hang around the tutoring room and work problems on my own until next semester. I am going to continue to try to work my way through the text. This also gives me the chance to hang out in my old Calculus professor’s office and take her “Everything you ever wanted to know about Trig” tutorial. The office of General Studies states I can challenge the W on my transcript based on my medical condition and I may be able to make it “go away”. I am hoping for a tiny bit of professional courtesy on the part of the deans, given I teach for the University. It just wasn’t meant to be this semester. All’s well that ends well…now on to the task of just getting better.

I am hoping that you get better. My wife recently went through a tangentially similar experience - hang in there, get rest, eat right, take care of yourself.

Oh, boy, Vicki. My thoughts are with you as you continue on your path to health. I would certainly think that there is someone in power who will sympathize with your very unique situation and make that W disappear. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you. I think your plan of attack during this “down time” is just superb, too! No moping around for you. Way to be proactive and make the best of it.

Looking forward to further posts with you in better health!

Went back to work today. Nausea subsided for the first time without meds to control it last night. Still not eating much and I sure do tire easily, but I have bankrupted my time accruals and really gotta go back to work. All I need is financial strain on top of everything else. First day with my “new plan” tomorrow. I am going to MASTER Excel if nothing else. Didn’t get to talk to my boss today…I have to tell him I am no longer in school and pray he will let me continue with my plan. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this MAC is a hoot! I am loving learning how to use it! You guys said it was the best, and when I gave it to my IT guy to download the software for remote access for me, he gave it a wolf whistle. Maybe I’m not such a dinosaur after all!!!