Finally Accepted!

I have no idea how long I’ve been snooping around this site, holding on to others’ stories for inspiration when I was beyond discouraged.

The short version: I’ll be 48 this fall. Mom of four, grandma of two, serious challenges early on in life, finally returned to college in 2004 determined to see if I could actually pursue this dream of becoming a doctor. For the next three years I simply wouldn’t quit. My last ‘math’ class was 9th grade algebra in 1975, until I took Accelerated Precalc, and cried when I got a B. No science at all until 2004. Anyway, I graduated 2007 with a BS in Bio, a 3.497 gpa (yes I put all the numbers - dang missing honors!), and a 27 MCAT before completing Physics.

Determined to retake the MCAT and score competitively, I studied for five months, scoring 33-37 on practice tests. Then our home burned down, and my son and I barely made it out alive, ten days before the test. I couldn’t do it - just…couldn’t…do it.

I applied three times. Finally this past spring had an admission counselor tell me about the Caribbean schools. He was such an encouragement. Recommended to me that I apply for this fall just to see what would happen. So I applied six months ago, and today received ‘the’ phone call.

So I laughed, screamed, cried for a bit. What a miracle! This definitely has not set in yet.

I’ll be attending St George’s, starting with the Foundations semester in August 2009, then start “actual” medical school January 2010.

I really need to thank you all on this forum. I’ve been afraid to hope, almost too tired to keep trying - but not quite! And I am just… plain… thrilled to be finally able to fulfill this amazing dream called “medicine”.

Wow! I saw your acceptance on another thread, but I’m glad to read more about this on here. You’ve realy worked hard! Congratulations and the wishing you great success in your future. You make sure to keep posting. SGU is definitely one of the better Caribbean schools. That would be one I would consider if I didn’t have my cats.

Thank you Krisss17.

By the way, there are a number of students who bring their pets with them to the island. A dear friend of mine just completed second year, and lived in a wonderful little apartment with his dogs - he said it was no problem, and that his dogs helped him make it through.


  • old_doc_in_progress Said:
Thank you Krisss17.

By the way, there are a number of students who bring their pets with them to the island. A dear friend of mine just completed second year, and lived in a wonderful little apartment with his dogs - he said it was no problem, and that his dogs helped him make it through.

Really? Can you find out how and what he needed to do? I always thought that they would need to say in some kind of containment area for a long time, and that was one stress I did not want.

While I a definitely going to try to find something stateside, knowing there is a good option in the Caribbean would be great.

All he did was notify SGU that he had pets that were coming with, and they approved his off campus status (rather than staying in the dorms). It was very simple. Many of the apartments in the area have no problem with pets, as many students bring them.

Good luck!


Well, its official.

I’m sending off my ‘acceptance of the acceptance’ today. YAY!!

I’m stressing about financial aid with a sizable deposit coming up in a couple of weeks. Talked with my extended family and church family, and there may be some help from both - I’m very blessed in that regard.

But for the most part, I’m just plain excited.

Its interesting watching my kids (two teenage boys) adjusting from “mom is forever applying and getting rejected and we’re going to be supportive”, to “mom’s going to be GONE”. The youngest turns 18 this fall, and they’re staying here. Should be interesting, to say the least! They’ll comment on the little things, like “who’s going to make your mac-n-cheese/ribs/blueber ry buckle/ pineapple upside-down cake/ etc when you’re gone?” (yes I love to cook/bake, even when (or maybe especially when) I’m stressed out of my mind in school).

But I believe everything will be just fine. I have worked SO long to get to this point, and it is such an amazing gift to take the next step on this journey. I’m going to try to keep up here, have a facebook page, might start a blog. When I was applying I kept trying to find info from “chronologically challenged” applicants who were successful in applying to the Caribbean, and the pickings were few. Just wanting to be an encouragement to those coming behind me.

Congratulations! So very happy for you especially considering all you’ve been through!!

Thanks for the kind words - all of you.

Everyone has their story, and for each of us there have been some really tough moments. But wow what exhilaration to be stepping forward on the next part of this journey!

Well, my left arm is rather sore two blood draws for titers, Tb test, one vaccine. Not something folks talk much about but damn!!

Now gotta find a place to live. I thought that was all worked out, only to realize that my friend, while very good intentioned, isn’t quite able to actually rent me a room. So… its onto the boards, running searches, craiglist?? Something will turn up.

And the whole insanity of coming up with around $13,000, which I don’t have. The first semester there is no federal financial aid, the school might have a private loan available (please God!), and I’m stressing just a bit.

On a much sadder note, last night my fiance decided he will not be coming with me when I move in August (after getting drunk and sad and saying everything that has gone wrong in his life is my fault). Said there would be nothing for him to do, said I would be focused on classes and studying and he would get resentful, said I was abandoning my children, and he needed to find a way to earn a bunch of money (the way he defines his own success). Made me very sad, and my sons very angry, but it is what it is. Much better to know this now rather than part way into med school when I believe it would have a momentary devastating effect on my grades / concentration.

You know, I have been a single parent almost the entire last twenty years, and have known my fiance for ten of them. Now when I finally get what I have worked so incredibly hard for this happens. I was kinda hoping for a “wow baby that is fantastic! What can I do to help you get ready to go? Let’s celebrate!” That is what I would have said Maybe its just that I’ve been a mom for 30+ years and it is my habit to focus on others’ success and be truly happy for them without making it into a ‘yeah but what about me’ thing.

Yeah, I guess I’m angry, just a bit. But also practical enough to know that I have no power to change another person’s perspective. Fortunately I have very strong family support, and will rely on that and friends to help get me through this tough moment.

Cheers to all of you in this process - and continuing gratitude to those who have gone ahead and come back to share their successes!

Hey, sorry that you are having this additional stress. Unfortunately, it is sometimes those that seem closest to us that are unwilling to see us in anyway different than the way we used to be. One friend who I thought would be really supportive of my continuing to going to school and working towards this goal (she’s actually around my age and starting to work on her graduate degree), seems to be pulling away. I’m sure that it is a fear that our lives will be different once I am deep into my studies (and that would be correct). It just makes me sad, because I already have family members that think I’m nuts for pursuing this at my age, and not doing the whole 9-to-5 thing.

You have to follow your dreams…if your kids are fine with you doing this and supportive, that is all that matters. If you’ve a relationship with your fiance for so long, maybe it is just a temporary situation…give it time and get the things you need to do to get started.

Best of luck!


Congrats! Sounds like your path here was an interesting one to be sure. Enjoy, and keep on kicking butt

This is such an inspirational story. Congrads to you. Good luck on your dream!!!

Wow, what an inspiring journey! Blessings to you on your medical studies!




hopefully you are all settled in…give us an update when you can

and a belated congrats

ODIP, what an inspiring story! Congrats on making it into SGU!

I hope to follow your path next Aug 2011. How was Foundations? Are you happy with SGU thus far?