Finally landed an A on an exam

And yet, I’m still annoyed b/c someone is still one point higher than me. All stinking semester, I’m one point away from someone and it normally keeps me out of the A range by a point or two.

But thank you 5 pt curve ms professor, cuz that finally got me an A and I’m not complaining about how I got that in the slightest. I drove to school thinking it was useless. Because for all that I studied the week prior, I took one look at the test and realized I studied the wrong material yet again. Something must have gone right though. And so my commitment is refueled.

Now if only I can figure out how to write a decent biology lab report. I just can not seem to do them effectively in the slightest, in spite of reading the book on how to write them.

woot woot! Way to go. Now, if I could just get over my testing anxiety that makes me forget everything I ever knew!

I’m starting to realize a lot of my forgetfullness is my vision. I had a hell of a time focusing on an oversized print abstract on the wall of our science building yesterday. So bad I couldn’t recall from one sentance to the next and then it dawned on me, the letters were dancing. My eyes simply could not focus. It’s been a little better today. Gonna have to try to remember those glasses every day now. LOL