Finally made a decision but frustrated that I might give up

Hello all,

I was born and brought up outside US. Very fascinated by the medical field growing up. I literally used to walk up to every stranger I saw with a white coat and talk to them about what is it like t be a doctor. But things didn’t turn out in my favor as I grew up. I didn’t believe that I had the talent in me. So went to pursue Math and physical sciences. I got married and came to San Jose, California and got a BS in electrical engineering with 2.98 GPA from SJSU. All through my years in school not a single day went by without contemplating about medicine but I was too worried about my age and wanted to start a family early and support my husband. Completed BS and joined their MSEE program. Joined a big five consulting firm and worked there for two years. I didn’t complete my MS.

I am still drawn to the Medical profession and finally made up my mind to make it a penance and pursue it. I have been researching the post-bacc programs here in bay area and found none that suit my situation. Mst f them here require a min GPA f 3.0 which I lack. SJSU is not accepting post-bacc students. I have two yr old twins hence cannot afford long commutes or day care to think about SFSU. Is any one in the area with a low GPA who has worked their way into SJSU or any other post-bacc prgrams. Ironic that when I had plenty of time and oppurtunity I was in a rush to settle down and now as I am 10 years older, with twins and almost no opportunity all motivated only t get disappointed with lack of options.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

I am in a similar situation. Graduated with B.A. in International Business in 2002 with a 2.89 gpa!!! Always loved medicine! I am married and have a 2 year old and i have decided its time to take charge of my dream career. Anyway, I have been doing some research and found that actually gives you the option to search for PBPM programs that accept students who want to complete their pre-req for Pre-med and want to raise their GPA.

Not sure if there where some in California though. I found some in Florida.

Hope it helps.

surap - I had a 2.78 out of Cal Physics and am now taking classes through UC Berkeley Extension Postbac program - check it out

Here is the exact address:

also remember that you can do an informal PB, that is one where you simply take classes that fill the reqs. It may give you more flexibility than a formal one

Thank you very much for the information. I will definitely look into it.

Quick question for Campkel - are you in UC Berkeley’s post-bacc program, or are you just taking classes?