Finally registered here!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lingering on this site for the last 18 months and finally registered today! I’m 29 and just started college (at local cc) last Janurary. On track to transfer to UC Santa Cruz, Psychology BA, Winter of 08.

Spent the last 11 years working in corporate America - I have actually worked my up through the ranks and have a great salary, benefits, etc. Just not enough humanity in cube/office life and I finally feel like I’m old enough to know what it is that I am NOT looking for. I’ve always had a huge interest in medicine since I was a little kid; disease in particular, and how it affects the body.

I’m a little worried about “hacking” it at the “A” level in all of the science classes. Since I work full time I can only take two classes at a time and that has been challenging. To make up for that, I went to school in the summer and during last winter’s break. Grades are good, 3.7 GPA, (but am only 9 months in w/no real science class yet!) This process will be long…I have no idea how I’m going to fit in an intership at hospitals…but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Btw, I’m hoping to apply to UC med schools and have been e-mailing them asking if it’s ok that pre-reqs are done at cc’s instead of universities. This will save me a fortune. Any one know the answer to this off-hand?

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I love reading these boards. I am obsessed -but they do help you to feel like you’re not so alone.


lets see what others say but I think if you are hoping for California schools? then CC may not be good enough so I understand? I never quite understand that myself. But there seems to be a feeling that Some schools do not accept CC work as much as University work? So yes please check before you go into it too deeply. Good luck

Welcome! The people are nice around here, the pool closes at sundown, and our competitive Wordracer league is in the national semifinals!

Ok, only the first part of that is actually true And I can appreciate how you feel about the boards - one of the great benefits of them, IMHO.

As far as CC credits go, they’re generally not preferred, especially for pre-req coursework. It’s good that you’re asking around, as every school will likely have a different particular response. In general, though, I understand that it’s ok for non-sciences, but they really want to see the BCPM and upper level coursework done at the university level.

With full time work, sounds like your pace is good for you. Keep us updated with how it goes!