Finally! Some bio progress

I’m not sure why I keep posting my roller coaster biology ride here but, no one else is as anal about grades as I am, so you get to hear me ramble.

We had a lecture quiz the same week as our lab practicals, if you remember. As a result I was sweating it trying to process all the information. However, I just received my lecture quiz back and had a score of 15/15. That sure does make up for the C averages I was getting!

Also had a chemistry assignment handed back with 5/4. He never said he was giving extra credit but somehow I landed with some. I guess I did a good job somewhere.

In other news, I totalled my car last week. Flipped it and stopped upside down. During the roll, my passenger window busted and my chem book fell out the window landing pinned and properly destroyed. Auto insurance is covering a replacement thankfully (as well as car seat replacements). Thank goodness other than pulling my neck out (which is easy to do), no one was hurt. Oddly though it was worded in the news as an entrapment situation when I had gotten myself and the baby out of the car before emergency services arrived on scene. We think it’s because I was wearing my EMS jacket that day and they thought I was part of the crew.

But barring the loss of a vehicle, I can’t complain. I finally landed a decent grade in biology. Today is a good day.

Great news on the BIO and CHM fronts. Sorry to hear about the car flipping though am also happy you and baby seem to be fine. That must have been scary.


Honestly everyone says how scarey it must have been and I was simply in a mode. I didn’t think to be scared. It happened too fast and then I had to click into gear to get him out of the car safely (there were fluids leaking). But I wasn’t really scared. Shaken? Yeah…but I can’t describe the emotion as scared. It was a weird adrenaline high. (did I even spell adrenaline right?) I’ve never experienced it before to be able to put a description on it though.

Okay lady. You are getting too wild. Rolling your car and walking away. One lucky duck! Great job on bio and chem. I will give you one “woot woot”.

I am totally anal about my GPA. It’s a constant worry. Especially in my Psychology class. I am not doing as well as I would like. I just have to say it’s my first quarter in college. There is a learning curve. I can’t figure out if I am getting a 3.4 gpa or a 3.73 gpa. Only one professor gives us updates. The other two don’t. My psychology professor only knows me by “baby”. LOL. He calls everyone that. I guess in 2 weeks we will know which GPA I will receive. Grrr.

It’s all about the seat belt. Wear it. It’s your friend.

Good luck w/ psych. Is it general psych? I ended w/ a C way back when in general psych. Last time around I was taking abnormal psych which was a lot more interesting. I would have had an A, but ended on bed rest a few times due to a pesky babe and missed a few assignments. Woops. But at least I can do a DSM diagnosis if someone goes psychotic on me now!

Good luck with the classes. Have you spoken to your professors directly regarding your grades? I generally stay in close contact with mine all semester. Some hate it but, I figure, that’s what I’m paying them for.

Glad everyone’s ok! Hope your neck is okay, too. Don’t sweat the chemistry book too much, eh? Priorities. Good job in bio!

Congratulations on survival. Always a good thing!

I too worry constantly about my GPA. Anything less than an A worries me.

I think this is compounded by the fact that between the local CC and my two different 4 year institutions I have three different GPAs at 3 different credit hour levels! I have actually sat down and done the math, but every time there is always the uncertainty.

There is also that diminishing returns feeling you get when you realize that to some degree you are getting As to maintain your position rather than improve your GPA, as it would take virtually another bachelor’s to actually make your GPA go up!

Maybe thats just me. Anyway, congrats on scores, sorry about the car.