finally submitted all my apps! (eek but whew!)

I submitted allopathic last week… and just submitted osteopathic today (a few minutes ago)… it hardly seems real that I’m doing all of this… like you’d think I’d have a wardrobe full of clothes for all that money I’m sending in…or a bunch of new antiques or something… no, just astronomical credit card bills and hopeful yet lofty ambitions.
I’m wondering if I’ll ever get a secondary… but I think it takes time with confirmations and such.
The total number of schools applied to is… 14 allopathic
13 osteopathic.
Since I have no clue what my MCAT scores were I thought I’d go wide and cross my fingers (and close my eyes and hope loudly!)
I’m probably one of the last to get my stuff in… but hey, if there are any others… get to it kids! if I can get it done, you can too!

Yay! Way to go girl!
You are not one of the last by a long shot. Some of the people from my MCAT class are just now starting their personal statements. Lots of people are still working on things. I know what you mean about the credit card bill though!
Be sure to post in the secondary thread (which is really just the general application thread) so we can all go through this wonderful, never stressful experience together.

OOH!! Definitely a congrats moment!!(pats adennis on back for job well done).
Sit back , relax, have a glass of wine, and enjoy yourself for about 20 minutes. The secondaries will hit the beach before you know it. I don’t think it can be siad enough times how these can pile up if you aren’t looking (they breed when left alone).
Let the games begin! Keep us updated on your success.

Just a note: almost all the secondaries I’ve received have been of the online type and notification has been delivered by Email. So I’d make sure that your email account was functioning and 100% ready to receive messages from a variety of originating domains (some ISPs or webmail providers screen suspected spam and you might end up losing some emails notifying you of secondaries in this process).
Good luck!

Along those lines, check your trash bin if your ISP or webmail program is inclined to dump stuff into the trash. I’ve heard other people mention this - when schools send out stuff to a bunch of people at once, some programs will tag it as “spam” and trash it.
Hopefully each school has a statement on its website or in printed materials about how long it may be before you hear from them. Do NOT think you are bugging them if you call at that predicted time to find out where your stuff is. You are being cautious. And they do NOT mind.

If it offers you any comfort I have not submitted anything yet. I’m still revising my personal statement. Luckily all my transcripts have arrived at AMCAS though. Good Luck!

I’m with you Troy - I need to finish up extracurriculars and my personal statement is in the criticism/revision process. I think everything else on the ap is done - all my courses are entered, AMCAS has received all my transcripts. So - hopefully in the next week it will be DONE!!!
Then - I can move on to more fun things - like my wedding on the 25th of this month!

I am in the same boat. I’m finishing the PS but everything else is ready to go. Hurdle by hurdle… Congrats Amy on your upcoming wedding.


I I’m probably one of the last to get my stuff in… but hey, if there are any others… get to it kids! if I can get it done, you can too!

Trust me, you aren’t the last. Not even close.

I submitted AMCAS late July. Secondaries came raining down on my head–some immediate & automatic, & 2, from schools that preview, have not been sent yet. I finished the bulk of them within 1 month. I have 2 left: 1 because I’m lazy, one because it’s expensive. I thought I was late in the game but maybe not? Now I’m in the process of making sure my application is complete at all schools. On the secondaries: do some of the hard ones first. The answers get reworked (and become better written)as you go.

I wanted to stop in here and tell you all…GOOD LUCK!!!

Hey Thanks Amy!!!
I’ve finally received one osteopathic secondary - from Nova… so that’s exciting… I need to get my butt in gear and start filling some of these out… I think I’m up to 4 or 5 now…
Good luck to everyone else working on these!