Finals done

We’ll see what happens. I was a B- in bio and a mid range B in chem. Kids got sick thursday. Kids are still sick. Kids shared germs w/ me. Needless to say, study time was hard to find. However, I think I did o.k. w/ what time I had left and although it wasn’t as much as I’d hoped, if I maintain my B averages I’ll be happy. If not, what more can you do except suck it up and retake the class right? I figure I have an A in chem I and Bio I if finals really pull my grade down that much a repeat may just land me w/ an A in Chem and bio II. I’ll be just happy if I don’t need to retake.

Well, off to wait on the ped to call back. Daycare called me to pick up the baby due to a fever. Fun stuff.

Hey Susan!

Isn’t a great feeling to know that your finals are over!!

Hope the kiddos are feeling better! We had 2 cases of strep here this week so I feel your pain. Here’s to a quick recovery for all of you!


Oh, Susan, I had the same exact situation this semester… I got a C for Orgo 2 and I am not retaking it… the kids can get sick again and the C could become a D! I am the one sick right now… I hope your kid gets well soon! Do not stress!

Remind me again why I called the ped when he was already on antibiotics for a massive ear infection? I knew it was more than likely viral.

Poor ped looked at me and said “I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

Le sigh.

Ears are clear for a change but he’s on ciprodex and omnicef so they’d better be clear.

By the time I got him from the sitter to the doctor his fever was up to 103.2. A good and moderate fever for a wee one. He’s either crying or asleep. I prefer the sleep phase for my nerves, but then again I sit there and worry when he’s asleep. It’s sad b/c the more I learn the more I worry. lol

He’s on a double dose of motrin and we aren’t to let it leave his system and they gave him a shot of rocephin just in case there was something resistant going on in his body since he’s had a few rounds of omnicef already this year.

I told her to swab for influenza. She looked at me wierd being she saw no nasal drainage but I had just wiped his nose. Watch it come back positive and the kid had shots for nothing.

Let the thrush infections begin.

So glad class is over.

Susan, I am really sorry for all you’ve been going through. OMG, I am deeply glad I dropped my summer classes! Best regards!