Finals Week...

I know that it’s finals week for many of us (and if it’s not, it’s probably coming soon…)–I just wanted to wish everyone luck!

I finished Chem1 last night, and my Bio1 final is tonight. I’m not worried about this one, because I need a 30% to keep my A. If I can’t make a 30%, then I don’t need to be here. =) Final Chemistry grade–97%. It feels really good to be done, but feels even better to have done it well!

Home FREE!! At least for a month… then we start over, but I’m not thinking about that right now!

So cheers to wrapping up the semester, and I hope you guys are able to get some rest soon!

Congrats on the A’s!! For those who are finishing up finals week, hope it went as well as you had hoped and congratulations. For these with exams still to come, best of luck!

One and a half major papers to write by Tuesday.

Five chapters of Business Law to read and test on-fortunately I can read them once and absorb enough to A/B the test, I either need a B or I just need to show up and answer one question and go home (teacher drops lowest test score, if I got a B or higher on the one I took Thursday, I’m locked for an A).

Chem final test and cumulative exam (get both tests in the same two hour block) on Thursday.

Oh, and a group of friends dragging me out Saturday night because they won’t believe I’m actually still alive otherwise.

Should be a good weekend!

Way to go Carrie… 5 days later. I’m glad you did well.

Organic 2 final next Tuesday. Last lab this Thursday. I need a 60% to keep my A in Orgo 2, so wish me luck!

Can’t wait to have the summer off and relax before starting Physics I in the fall!

Good luck to everyone on their final exams!

I hear ya on the summer off. I’ve signed up for Physics I, Calculus I and Macroeconomics in the fall. While working full time. I’m obviously insane.

Finished my finals last week. Kept up my 4.0 post-bac GPA, thank heavens! I’m currently on a little mini vacation visiting a friend, then heading back to Chicago to start my summer research gig (and more volunteering). Should be a good summer!

And thus ends my pre-reqs… And then some.

I finished up a very not fun semester with organic 2, biochem of macro molecules, microbiology, and a 4hr biology research project. It ended up being a lot along with some volunteering…heavy load for me anyway, though I know 1st year med school will be more difficult. Definitely wasn’t a 4.0 semester, but not a <3.0 either.

We’ll have to see how things go in the future with my MCAT.