Last Friday we had two quizzes. Got an 80 on my OMM quiz. Makes me mad that I missed the hamstring question, especially since I’ve been working to get mine to stretch out a little. Our OMM-PBL coordinator says my hamstrings are like steel bands. Way too tight!! The second quiz was on edema. Think I did just fine on that one. Should get our grades later this week.

But this is the BIG week. Finals. Four of them to be exact. Today I conquered Physical Diagnosis and Physician’s Skills (that one was a practical). The Physical Diagnosis written exam was harder than I thought, but I’m sure I did okay. The Physician’s skills made me nervous, but my partner and I both aced it. . . to perfection!! Had a wonderful doctor for our tester.

Tomorrow I have OMM lab practical final. I think I’m really ready for this one. I’ve been working in one of the doctor’s offices on Thursday afternoons, and he’s been a great help to me in becoming more confident in my skills.

Then Friday is the big essay exam over our learning issues. A lot of biochem on this one, but I think I’ll be okay. Plus some pathophysiology and, of course, OMT.

Wish me luck! Two down. . . two to go!

You will do great on all of your exams! Keep up the good work.