Financial Aid for offshore schools

Wow, financing has become critical for off shore schools. When I entered in January, there were two (only) CREDIT BASED loans, Key and TERI. Key bailed before the end of the term due to some fraudulant practices at some school, and left everyone with TERI only. TERI, who denies a good number of applicants first time around, even with co-signers. So, here I am second semester, two more to go in the UK, NO LOAN in sight, and money and expenses for perhaps 1 1/2 term here. Spouse has a job, but the job market here is terrible, the pound is much stronger than my student dollar, and I am wondering what to do next. It would be a gamble to fly my family (spouse and two kids) back to the US for him to find a job there, as they would need plane tickets, money to live on, etc. We have decided, no matter what, we will all stay here, though it may be 4 of us crammed into a studio eating ramen noodles for the next 10 months. Oh well. That would just expedite my dieting!! I am looking into work study, which is basically manning the library or front desk at school, for that wonderful tuition break (20%) and hope my sad story to admin will get me a spot. Otherwise…who knows.


Gosh Kathy - I really hope everything works out for you. You’ve definitely had more than your share of “fun” (not!) this year. I’m having similar issues with my ugrad even though I’m not overseas thanks to hitting my school’s max. credits (which I’d been told wouldn’t affect me if I added a second program, but whatever) and not having access to a co-signer. I’m desparately trying to keep living where I am (on campus furnished apartment) but it’ll mean working near full time while taking full time classes (have to remain full time to stay living here).
Money sucks! lol…hang in there

Well the update is, that Oct 25 my family had to fly back because there was just no way to have them continue in the UK due to expenses. My husband is already applying for jobs as he is staying with my sister back in Arkansas. I DID get the work study, so I’m in the library from 12-5 each Sunday, though tuition is going up $500 per semester starting next term. Thank goodness for my friend, Safana, who is letting me bunk on her couch (illegally, I might add) or I’d be sleeping in my car. I am missing my kids terribly, and won’t get to see them for six months. That is a distraction in itself. Anyway, I’m still not giving up, though I have only 30 pounds to my name until my husband gets a job. Not only never got the TERI loan, but didn’t get the new LoanToLearn either. Next semester will be tricky, but I’m treating it as an adventure, as I’ve never lived out anywhere without family of some type. I must say, third semester is much more fun for me than second. I love the courses, Micro/Immuno (best class), Path, and Genetics. First tests this term were great and I’m nearing the time that my FIRST YEAR is over. I can’t believe it!!

Hang in there Kathy! If you need a place Elaine will be in the UK till May 2006 after I leave and you could crash there!
I know you will make it somehow don’t lose faith.

Thanks Bill,
I will make it come hell or high water!! I did end up in my car one night and woke up several times with my teeth chattering, so took Safana up on her offer. In about a week, another classmate has offered me an empty room with a BED!!!WOO HOO, no more vinyl love seat!! And Elaine’s meal was GREAT, especially after ??? days of ramen noodles. Maybe I can lose more weight??!

There’s been two new developments in Offshore Med schools.

Congress is voting on a bill to cut off Staffords for the “Big 3” Carib schools. St. James just started Sallie Mae private loan, unlimited amount with a cosigner. There is one school Kathy and I have talked about that is offshore, AUA claims to have a way to get Stafford and there are students that tell us this is true? Big Difference with Private is that you do need good credit and theres next to no chance of any work and living expenses are usualy higher. But most programs Basic Sci is in the Carib and clinicals will be in the USA.