Finding a Doctor to shadow like us

I’m applying soon for the class of 2012. I’ve done plenty of volunteering and a little shadowing, but I’m looking to find a doctor (in any expertise) locally that was also a non-traditional old premed. I think it would be very nice to spend time with someone who took the non-traditional path and started med-school at a later age. Has anyone had any success in finding a physician like this? There obviously is no directory to find someone, but I’m curious if anyone has some tips. Thanks!

I would start with you family doctor…

If he/she is not a non-traditional, surely they can recommend someone; at least this is how I got my first shadowing experience .

As Kasia has suggested, other doctors can be a great resource and often know the history of their colleagues and may know of non-trads. Also, if there is a medical school in the area I’d contact their alumni services and ask whether they might be able to suggest anyone.