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My interest in the forum comes from the struggles my 78 year-old mother has from dementia. She has not been diagnosed with LB Dementia, but when you read the list of symptoms associated with the disease she displays 75% or more of the symptoms – and they are getting worse by the day. The biggest problem she has now is hallucinations that have grown from bothersome to scary for her and for us.
Her family doctor doesn’t seem too sophisticated on topics of dementia. She did a very basic memory test with my mother and declared her OK (despite the fact my mother cannot remember how to use a toaster at times, can no longer write a check, or perform a host of otherwise simple activities). The family doctor did give her Aricept (which caused all sorts of gastrointestinal problems) so she is off that. She also had a recent MRI of the brain that did not show any brain shrinkage as they look for in Alzheimer’s.
Your forum has already been helpful. I downloaded the article about coconut oil and we are going to add that to her diet. My interest right now is getting a recommendation on a physician in Northeast Ohio that understands this condition and can help her.

Any help will be apprecited.

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